GDPplus, Blogs, Etc.

This page contains some (co-authored) blog entries, columns, interviews, presentations, etc.

Real Time GDPplus (maintained by the FRB Philadelphia)
GDPplus is a measure of the quarter-over-quarter rate of growth of real GDP in annualized percentage points.

August 2019
“Online Estimation of DSGE Models” discusses Bayesian computations for DSGE models based on sequential Monte Carlo algorithms.

March 2015
Part 1: “Combining Models for Forecasting and Policy Analysis”

Part 2: “Choosing the Right Policy in Real Time (Why That’s Not Easy)”…

November 2014
The Federal Reserve and Monetary Policy: Traditional and New Tools
Symposium organized by the George Washington University and Princeton University’s Griswold Center for Economic Policy Studies
Thursday, Nov 13, 2014 at the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia
Monetary Policy Modeling – What Is the New Normal?

August 2014
“Inflation in the Great Recession and New Keynesian Models”

August 2014
“Why Didn’t Inflation Collapse in the Great Recession?”

December 2013
“A Penny Spent is a Penny Earned (by Someone Else): Measuring GDP”

April 2012
“Forecasting the Great Recession: DSGE vs. Blue Chip”

April 2012
Interview with EconomicDynamics on DSGE Model Estimation