Request Port Activation


A computer, printer, or other network device is connected to our network by a physical Ethernet cable connecting it to an active network port on a beige wallplate. Active ports are usually marked with a red, purple, yellow, or blue chicklet to signify connection speed (red and purple ports represent 100mbps speed, yellow represents 1000mbps speed, and blue represents a VOIP (phone) port). If your port has a colored chicklet (any color other than beige), your port is most likely active already and what you really need is an IP address.

To request a network port activation, please complete the form below. Do not omit any information, otherwise there will be delays in processing. We will email you when your network activation is completed. If you have trouble connecting your machine to your port, please stop by room 116 for help.

Request Port Activation
First and last name
An email address where we can contact you.
A phone number where we can reach you or leave a message.
The faculty group member you are doing research for.
The number of the room where the machine resides.
e.g. CHM 412-1-U1

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