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Advanced Medical Chinese is a content-based language course that offers Mandarin training to medical and nursing students and other health-related professionals who may need to visit China or to serve Chinese-speaking patients with limited English proficiency. For physician/nurse-patients communication purposes, it is designed for students who have studied Chinese for three years or more in a regular college program or with the equivalent language proficiency. This course also aims to improve patient care in the Chinese community by reducing language and cultural barriers. It will enhance learners’ overall language skills in reading, writing, listening and speaking in the context of clinical healthcare settings. Topics of the course range from basic rapport-building and medical terminology to Chinese cultural and social attitudes toward health-related issues.

Through reading and discussing the reading materials and performing both controlled and task-based exercises, students not only explore medical issues in reality, but also have the opportunity to actively use the language. It is hoped that after working with the literature and textbook, students can be better prepared linguistically and culturally in their future medical careers.