Vestibulocochlear Organs Text 2











Chinese Part of Speech Pinyin English
挖耳勺 (n) wā’ěrsháo earpick
皮下组织 (n) píxià zǔzhī subcutaneous tissue
耳垢 (n) ěrgòu earwax
油脂 (n) yóuzhī grease, oil
耳廓 (n) ěrkuò auricle, pinna
痉挛 (v) jìngluán spasm
坏死 (v) huàisǐ necrosis


Text (2): ear protection

Ear is an important organ of the human body. However, people often ignore caring for their ears. Here are two little things about ear protection.


Put an end to sticking things in your ear to clean the wax.


Some people feel that their ears are itchy or dirty. They often use their fingernails, ear scoop and so on to clean their ears. In fact, doing so is harmful and unnecessary.

First of all, people’s outer ear skin is tender. The subcutaneous tissue has poor blood circulation.

If improper force is used to clean the ears it can easily cause external auditory canal injury or infection.

In addition, the ear has a self-cleaning function. There are glands in the skin on the surface of the cartilage outside the external auditory canal that can secrete a yellowish and viscous substance, commonly known as “earwax”. Some of the substances are flaky when they dry in the air, and some are as thick as grease. It is usually “hidden” in the external auditory canal to protect the skin of the external auditory canal and adhere to foreign substances (such as dust and small flying insects). With the help of head movement, chewing food, mouth opening and other movements, most of the earwax can be automatically discharged.


Protecting ears against cold.


Ears protrude on both sides of the head. Due to the lack of protection from subcutaneous fat, the blood vessels of the pinna are superficial. When encountering cold stimulation, blood vessel contraction makes the outer ear prone to ischemia and hypoxia, leading to pinna frostbite. When this happens, gently massage the auricle by hand to promote local blood circulation. Do not immediately go indoors to blow hot air or use hot towels and other sudden heating, so as not to cause vasospasm, and cause local necrosis. In order to prevent the occurrence of auricle frostbite, attention should be paid to keep the ears warm. One can wear soft, protective earmuffs.