NOTE: This website is no longer current. Please visit my new site.

I am a postdoc working with Prof. Dani Bassett at the University of Pennsylvania. I study complex systems and human behavior using ideas from information theory, statistical mechanics, and network science. I recently got my PhD in physics from the University of Pennsylvania, and in the fall I will begin a James S. McDonnell Foundation postdoctoral fellowship.

For more information, check out my Google scholar or Twitter.

Things to check out:

  • 6/15/20 — Out in Nature Physics: “Human information processing in complex networks.”
    • “What do ‘Bohemian Rhapsody,’ ‘Macbeth,’ and a list of Facebook friends all have in common?” Penn Today
  • 5/8/20 — Out in Nature Communications: “Abstract representations of events arise from mental errors in learning and memory.”
  • 5/5/20 — New preprint: “Non-equilibrium dynamics and entropy production in the human brain.” arXiv


Department of Physics and Astronomy
209 S. 33rd St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
Office 2C9

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