Living the

Hard Promise

Open expression is a hard promise: it is both a firm commitment and an extraordinarily difficult one. The mission of a great university requires that we question our assumptions and try to look through the eyes of others. Only through such dialogue can we begin to wrestle with the most challenging issues of our times.

Announcing Living the Hard Promise: A Dialogue Series

The School of Arts and Sciences has announced the launch of a new initiative to inform understanding and encourage respectful dialogue across the Penn community on today’s challenging issues.

Up Next: “Understanding Social Media Discourse in Times of Crises” April 18

Featuring Guobin Yang in conversation with Annenberg School doctoral students Liz Hallgren and Adetobi Moses.

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Small-group discussions that bring students together to explore concerns and to learn from and about each other.


These programs will feature faculty and others with expertise in areas that speak to the complexity of current events.


Public programs that bring broader audiences into our campus conversations. 

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