Digital Humanities in the Classroom – 2020

Person working in a classroom on a laptop

This year, Price Lab’s week-long digital humanities training institute Dream Lab was canceled due to safety concerns around COVID-19. We created this series of podcasts not as a replacement, but rather to introduce you to some of the people who make Dream Lab such a great experience!

Course Description:

How do we integrate DH into the classroom in ways that are substantive, critical, and inclusive? How do we navigate the always particular and often messy challenges posed by DH instruction? This course will focus on approaches to juggling curriculum, technology, assessment, and available resources — the how’s and why’s of DH pedagogy — considered as a whole.

Each day will pair classroom-tested tools with critical approaches, through reading, discussion, and hands-on exercises. Participants will also have the opportunity to develop and receive feedback on their own digital assignments. Core to our approach will be engaging issues of accessibility and sustainability as well as the political dimensions of our tools and infrastructure. Participants will learn about common tools for digital exhibits, web-mapping, data cleanup, and collaboration. In addition, participants will leave with concrete strategies for how to incorporate these tools into their own contexts and curricula.


Nabil Kashyap is the Digital Scholarship Librarian at Swarthmore College. As developer, designer, and project manager, his work has ranged from radical digital archives to participatory computational linguistics. He is increasingly involved in student programs and projects that bridge critical and technical pedagogy. He holds an MSI from the University of Michigan and an MFA from the University of Montana.

Roberto Vargas is the Research Librarian for Humanities & Interdisciplinary Studies at Swarthmore College. He is also responsible for supporting, developing and maintaining digital scholarship projects. Originally from Ciudad Juarez, Mexico and now residing in Philadelphia, he moves from English to Spanish on a daily basis and from Mexico to the US regularly. He is interested in the careful and ethical use of technology.