Data Sharing


Sharing raw data files and protocols on our lab website

Here, we upload our data on our laboratory web site for unrestricted download. This is an easy way for us to share our raw data and get others to analyze it and perform additional work.

You can use this data for example to compare the signal-to-noise ratios from various pores, to test your analysis algorithms and so on. Please contact us for any questions and discussions.

  •  2021:  Data from our two pore paper, Chip A (Figure 2a, Figure 4a). Two pores on a chip (they had either same or different thickness, and similar diameters, the thickness of the membrane is 8 nm and 30 nm, pore diameter ~ 3-5 nm as indicated, see details in the paper).

Engineering adjustable two-pore devices for parallel ion transport and DNA translocations,
Yung-Chien Chou, Joshua Chen, Chih-Yuan Lin, Marija Drndić, Journal of Chemical Physics 154, 105012, 2021.

PDF file

  • May 2020: Sharing 10 MHz data from ultrathin small-diameter Si/SiN pores and ssDNA (Pore B, Pore F, Pore J, see paper for details).

Below is the raw 10 MHz data from solid-state pores that can be downloaded from the link below. Please let us know if you have questions. You can find specific info on these pores in the paper below (pores are listed by name).

Download from here:

Find details here:  Single-Stranded DNA Translocation Recordings Through Solid-State Nanopores on Glass Chips at 10-MHz Measurement Bandwidth, Chien Chen-Chi, Siddharth Shekar, David J. Niedzwiecki, Kenneth L. Shepard, Marija Drndić, ACS Nano, 13 (9), 10545, 2019. DOI: 10.1021/acsnano.9b04626


Supplementary Material