Sin Hyŏng-chŏl p’yŏn(申 瑩澈 編), Pando sahwa wa nakt’o Manju (半島 史話 와 樂土 滿洲), 1943

Sin Hyŏng-chŏl p’yŏn (申 瑩澈 編), Pando sahwa wa nakt’o Manju (半島 史話 와 樂土 滿洲), 1943

Author: Sin Hyŏng-chŏl p’yŏn, 申 瑩澈 編

Title: 半島 史話 와 樂土 滿洲, Pando sahwa wa nakt’o Manju (Historical Narratives of the Korean Peninsula and the Happy Land of Manchuria)

Date: 1943

Publisher: Mansŏn hakhaesa

Medium: Printed Paper Codex with Cloth Hardcover

Length: 690 pages

Call Number: DS902.12 .P362 1943

This book was published by Mansŏn hakhaesa Press in 1943 in Xinjing, the capital of Manchukuo (1932-1945), to commemorate the tenth anniversary of the establishment of the Empire of Manchuria (1934-1945). Manchukuo was a puppet state supported by the Empire of Japan in Northeast China and Inner Mongolia from 1932 to 1945. It was initially governed as a republic, but in 1934 it became a constitutional monarchy and changed its name from Manchukuo to the Empire of Manchuria in 1934.

This book is an anthology of 133 articles, with most written by Koreans living in Manchukuo during the 1940s. The book is written in Korean and includes a variety of topics regarding the history of the Korean Peninsula and Manchuria, and of the history of Korean art, literature, print culture, philosophy, among others. Some of the writers are noted as the pioneers of modern Korean literature, such as Ch’oe Namsŏn and I Kwang-su, but some of the others came to be labeled as Pro-Japanese Collaborators after the Second World War. According to the table of contents, the editor of this book, Sin Hyŏng-chŏl, was affiliated with the Manseon ilbosa (Manseon Daily). It indicates that the Mansŏn hakhaesa may be a subordinate publishing house of the Manseon ilbosa.

An imperial edict attributed to the Emperor Kangde of the Empire of Manchuria, Aisin Gioro Puyi, also known as the Last Emperor of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) and a proclamation issued by Kuniaki Koiso, the 9th Governor-General of Korea were included at the beginning of this book. A work of calligraphy made specially for this book, written by Zhang Jinghui, the second and final Prime Minister of Manchukuo, is also included in this anthology.

The only other known copy of this book may be found at the University of California.


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April 04, 2018