There isn't drinkable water in the Galápagos.

LAVA-Agua is a project to study the domestic water supply. San Cristóbal is the only inhabited island with flowing fresh water. However, even though the freshwater undergoes some treatment at a local plant, water on San Cristóbal is not potable due to presence of coliform bacteria. Not only might coliforms be harmful to human health, but the lack of potable water in the Galápagos Islands increases the use of imported water in plastic bottles and containers. The archipelago’s reliance on bottled water contributes to more plastic litter and microplastics contaminating the environment.  To address these issues, LAVA-Agua works with individuals, households, and businesses to test their water supply. By testing the water from their own faucets, participants learn scientific techniques and gain an understanding of the purity standards for clean drinking water.

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