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Recent Conferences and Talks

Steering Committee
2019      State of the Field, the Ancient DNA Revolution in Archaeology, JIAAW


Session Organisation
2017     American Anthropological Association 16th Meeting
2016     World Archaeology Congress 08 Kyoto


Papers and Posters


Bates, J., Green, A.S., Conesa, F., Garcia-Molsosa, A., Jones, P.J., Lightfoot, E., Orengo, H.A., Üstünkaya, M.C., Walker, J., Wright, N., Singh, R.N., Petrie, C.A. (postponed)

Many communities, many foods: the economic and political implications of diversified cropping strategies before, during and after urbanism in northwest India c.3200-1500BC.

Paper presented at the SAA, (online).



Bates, J.

Beyond Cereals: exploring agricultural and food nuance in the Indus Civilisation.

Paper presented at the ‘Food’ Colloquium, Department of Anthropology, University of Pennsylvania.


Bates, J. (postponed)

De-coding or re-coding? Exploring the contested history of Indus archaeology, a case study from Rakhigarhi.

Paper presented at the Centre for Ancient Studies, University of Pennsylvania.



Bates, J.

Indus Foodways: exploring the implications of new theoretical perspectives beyond ‘diet’ and ‘subsistence’.

Paper presented at the Annual Conference on South Asia, Madison.


Bates, J., Singh, R.N., Petrie, C.A.

A view from the villages: disentangling ‘multi-cropping’, agricultural adaptation and resilience in the Indus Civilisation.

Paper presented at the International Working Group for Paleoethnobotany, Lecce.


Bates, J.

Contested heritage at Rakhigarhi, Haryana, India.

Interactive poster presented at the Hacking Heritage Unconference, Brown University


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