Jianqi Liu

About me:

I am currently a Hans Rademacher Postdoc at the University of Pennsylvania, in the mathematical physics group, and am working with Angela Gibney and Daniel Krashen and their students. I was formerly a graduate student at the University of California, Santa Cruz (2018-2023), working under the guidance of Chongying Dong.

Contact Information:

Email (primary): jliu230@sas.upenn.edu

Email (secondary): jliu230@ucsc.edu

Office: DRL 4C3

Phone number: +1 551-334-9439


My research is in vertex operator algebras (VOAs) and 2D-conformal field theory (CFT). So far, I have been focused on the algebraic side of these theories. I was studying the fusion rules for VOAs and CFTs, Zhu’s algebra, Borel-type subalgebras, classical Yang-Baxter equations, and Rota-Baxter operators for VOAs for my Ph.D. dissertation. Now I am hoping to explore the geometric side of these theories and their deeper connections with physics.

Here are some of my research papers:

  1. Borel and parabolic-type subalgebras of the lattice vertex operator algebras, arXiv:2402.02278
  2. Twisted restricted conformal blocks of vertex operator algebras I: g-twisted correlation functions and fusion rules, (with Xu Gao and Yiyi Zhu) arXiv:2312.16278
  3. On Rota-Baxter vertex operator algebras, (with Chengming Bai, Li Guo, and Xiaoyan Wang) arXiv:2307.09826
  4. Classical Yang-Baxter equation for vertex operator algebras and its operator forms, (with Chengming Bai and Li Guo) arXiv:2307.01977
  5. Endomorphism property of vertex operator algebras over arbitrary fields, (with Chao Yang) J. Algebra 622 (2023), 450–468. arXiv:2211.16573
  6. A proof of the fusion rules theorem, Comm. Math. Phys. 401 (2023), no. 2, 1237–1290. arXiv:2009.14622
  7. On Filtrations of A(V), arXiv:2103.08090


I taught the following courses at UPenn and UCSC:

At the University of Pennsylvania:

  1. Math 3710 – Algebra II – Spring 2024
  2. Math 5030 – Algebra II (Master level) – Spring 2024
  3. Math 1410 – Calculus II – Fall 2023

At the University of California, Santa Cruz (as a graduate student instructor):

  1. Math 110A – Introduction to Number Theory – Summer 2022-02
  2. Math 110A – Introduction to Number Theory – Summer 2022-01
  3. Math 110A – Introduction to Number Theory – Summer 2021-02
  4. Math 110A – Introduction to Number Theory – Summer 2020-02
  5. Math 110A – Introduction to Number Theory – Summer 2020-01
  6. Math 103A – Complex Analysis – Spring 2020