John Trueswell, Co-director

Charles Yang, Co-director


Chris Callison-Burch (Associate Professor of Computer and Information Sciences).  Research interests: natural language processing, statistical machine translation, data-driven paraphrasing, and crowd-sourcing.

Anjan Chatterjee (Professor of Neurology).  Research interests: spatial cognition and language, attention, neuroethics, and neuroaesthetics.

Yale Cohen (Professor of Otorhinolaryngology, Director of Hearing Sciences Center). Research interests: Neural bases of auditory perception and speech perception; auditory decision making.

Delphine Dahan (Associate Professor of Psychology). Research interests: word recognition, language comprehension and conversation.

David Embick (Professor  of Linguistics).  Research interests: syntactic and morphological theory; argument structure, and neurolinguistics (MEG; language and Autism).

Murray Grossman (Professor of Neurology, School of Medicine). Research interests: neurolinguistics; neuroimaging; sentence processing

Roy Hamilton (Associate Professor in Neurology and Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation). Research interests: brain stimulation; TMS and tDCS

Jianjing Kuang (Associate Professor of Linguistics).  Research interests: Phonetics Laboratory, phonology, speech production and perception.

Julie Anne Legate (Professor of Linguistics).  Research interests: syntactic theory, and the syntax and morphology of endangered/understudied/typologically interesting languages; and language acquisition.

Mark Liberman (Professor of Linguistics). Research interest: phonology and phonetics; prosody; formal models of linguistic annotation; information retrieval and extraction from text.

Mitch Marcus (Emeritus Professor of Computer and Information Sciences). Research interests:  natural language processing; linguistic communication in robotics; language acquisition and psycholinguistics.

Anna Papafragou (Professor of Linguistics). Research interests: language acquisition, event cognition, psycholinguistics.

Julia Parish-Morris (Assistant Professor at the Center for Autism Research). Research interests:  language and communication in children with autism spectrum disorder, particularly during natural conversation.

Gareth Roberts (Associate Professor of Linguistics).  Research interests: Language evolution, language change, language variation, cultural evolution, experimental semiotics, and social interaction.

Timothy Roberts (Professor, Dept of Radiology, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia). Research interests: neurolinguistics; neuroimaging; auditory processing of language; language and autism.

Dan Roth (Professor, Computer and Information Sciences). Research interests: Machine Learning and Reasoning for Natural Language Understanding; Natural Language Processing; Language Acquisition and Psycholinguistics.

Martin Salzmann (Associate Professor of Linguistics). Research interests: Syntactic theory, syntax-morphology interface, syntax-semantics interface, typology, micro-variation, experimental syntax.

Florian Schwarz (Associate Professor of Linguistics). Research interests: formal semantics and pragmatics of natural language; psycholinguistics and language processing.

Katherine Schuler (Assistant Professor of Linguistics). Research interests: language acquisition of morphology and syntax.

Daniel Swingley (Professor of Psychology). Research interests: word learning and language processing in infants; word recognition and lexical representation in infants and young children; lexical and phonological categorization.

Meredith Tamminga (Associate Professor of Linguistics). Research interests: sociolinguistics, psycholinguistics, quantitative analyses of natural speech.

Sharon Thompson-Schill (Professor of Psychology).  Research interests: biological bases of human cognitive systems – perception, memory, language, thought, cognitive control – and the interrelations among these systems.

John Trueswell (Professor of Psychology).  Research interests: language acquisition, language processing in children and adults; word and grammar learning.

Lyle Ungar (Professor of Computer and Information Science) Research interests: machine learning and text mining methods; spectral methods for modeling language; word use, personality and well-being; and natural language processing.

Charles Yang (Professor of Linguistics and Computer and Information Science). Research interests: language acquisition, processing, and change; morphology and the mental lexicon; computational linguistics; the evolution of language and cognition.


Martin Ho Kwan Ip (ILST Postdoctoral Research Fellow) Research interests: language processing; language acquisition; prosody; speech production and perception

Sandy LaTourrette (Post-doctoral Fellow) Research interests: Language acquisition; word learning; language processing in children and adults


ILST Affiliates

Jeremy Zehr (Application Developer at LDC) Developer of PennController for Ibex. Research interests: pragmatics, semantics, processing.