Blackwell Seminar, University of Washington Statistics Department

Spring 2024 Symposium at the Quattrone Center, Penn Law School

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Causal inference:

Forensic science:

Public health:

In progress:

  • Mediation analysis for the probability of causation – Max Rubinstein, Dan Malinsky
  • An algorithm for forensic toolmark identification – Heike Hofmann, Sheng Gao
  • A hierarchical model to study forensic toolmark identification – Shane Jensen, Alex Knorre
  • Accuracy and fairness in police use of facial recognition
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome – Causal analysis of prevention and awareness campaigns




I am part of CSAFE, a group of statisticians and other researchers working to improve the foundations of forensic science. I am part of the Quattrone Center, an interdisciplinary group housed in the Penn law school that promotes data-based research for the fair administration of justice. I am part of the Penn Center for Causal Inference, a group out of statistics and biostatistics, and one of the most stimulating reading groups I have participated in.

Click here to see an app I made to visualize the estimated probability of causation for a randomized trial from Kenya.


Here is a talk I gave at the Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences at the University of Cambridge, during the workshop on Bayesian Networks and Argumentation in Evidence, entitled Shaken Baby Syndrome on Trial. (Here’s the link in case you can’t see the video.)