Civic Space Data Dashboard

The Machine Learning for Peace (MLP) project tracks the incidence of reporting on events indicative of 20 different types of Civic Space events across international, regional, and domestic online news sources. We use machine learning to read and classify each article according to 20 civic space event categories.

This web application allows users to visualize reporting on each of these event categories from 2012 to the most recent available data for each country. Specifically, the plots below display the number of articles reporting on an event category in each month divided by the total number of articles published that month. Because the volume of news changes significantly from month to month for some countries, the share of articles reporting on an event captures monthly variation in the significance of events in a country’s media environment. This tool can help identify and compare months when an event category receives more or less news coverage than expected. If you would like to learn more about how we use these data to generate forecasts, please visit our forecasting webpage.