Dear PARC Associates,

In order to strengthen the Penn PARC community, to stimulate discussions on aging research, and foster potential collaborations, PARC initiated a monthly series, the “PARC Aging Chats” in the Fall of 2020. Each of these Chats will center around a broad topic related to each of the major PARC research themes and aims to bring together PARC affiliates — and sometimes external guests — who are or intend to work on these topics.

The PARC Aging Chats will include both formal and informal presentations of ongoing research, followed by ample time for discussions and follow-up.  In the short to medium term, these PARC Aging Chats will be held in person now with a hybrid option.

Let us know if you would like to briefly share your research or to join the discussion and listen to the work others are doing.

Norma B. Coe & Hans-Peter Kohler