We have two labs, The Phonetics Lab and Kuang Lab. Both Labs are located on the third floor of 3401-C, Walnut Street. See the Policy page to make reservations.


Penn Phonetics Lab Forced Aligner for English

The Penn Phonetics Lab Forced Aligners is an automatic phonetic alignment toolkit based on HTK. You can find a downloadable version here, and the full documentation here. If you are a p-lab member, you can run it on Harris. Contact Spencer Caplan at <spcaplan@sas.upenn.edu> to create an account on Harris. Please also copy Prof. Jianjing Kuang at <kuangj@sas.upenn.edu>, Prof. Mark Liberman at <myl@cis.upenn.edu> and the lab RA Jia Tian at <jiatian@sas.upenn.edu> when you make the request.

Penn Phonetics Lab Chinese Forced Aligner

A forced aligner for Mandarin Chinese.

Experimental devices

Audio recording

Both labs have a soundproof recording booth equipped with computers, microphones and mixers ready to use.


Two Glottal Enterprises electroglottographsare available in Kuang Lab. They can either work with a mixer to make simultaneous audio and EGG recordings, or work with a Scicon X516 series hardware system to make multi channel pressure and flow recordings.



An EMA (ElectroMagnetic Articulography) device is set up in Kuang Lab.img_7996fullsizerender-2


Kuang Lab is equipped with an EchoB ultrasound system. It works with Articulate Assistant Advanced (AAA), a software designed to analyze speech production data from instruments such as ultrasound, video, EMA, VICON, MRI and EPG.