Psychoanalytic Studies Minor

Introduction to the Minor

Dear Penn Students, We are delighted to announce that Penn has a brand new minor in Psychoanalytic Studies (PSYS).  Psychoanalytic ideas provide a coherent basis for understanding how people feel and think, and how they function as individuals and in groups.  These ideas, centered on unconscious emotional processes and human relationships, continue to evolve and develop.  They form a bridge across many disciplines throughout the humanities, social sciences, and some of the natural sciences.  Penn is now one of very few schools in the country (and the world) to offer the exciting opportunity of a minor in Psychoanalytic Studies. As it provides a unifying body of ideas, Psychoanalytic Studies comprises courses in many departments.  The minor is designed in partnership with the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia, and students who sign up for the minor also have the opportunity to meet monthly with a practicing psychoanalyst to learn about contemporary psychoanalytic theories and therapies.  Students who complete six courses that count toward the minor as well as a series of meetings with a psychoanalytic mentor will receive both the minor on their transcript and a Certificate of Accomplishment from the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia. Interested students should contact the following individuals:

Dr. Lawrence Blum
Adjunct Professor in Anthropology
Phone: (215) 751-0102
Max Cavitch
Associate Professor of English
Phone: (215) 898 7456

Professor Greg Urban
Arthur Hobson Quinn Professor of Anthropology
Phone: (215) 898-0895

Nancy Ameen, MLA ’17
PSYS Administrative Coordinator