Minor Requirements


The PSYS minor consists of any six of the following courses. Relevant courses not included on this list may be approved at the discretion of a PSYS advisor. Students engaged in the minor may also elect to participate in a series of meetings with a psychoanalytic mentor in order to receive both the minor on their transcript and a Certificate of Accomplishment from the Psychoanalytic Center of Philadelphia. Although it is not required, and there are many ways to complete the minor, English 102/COML 245 Introduction to Psychoanalysis: History, Theory, Practice is highly recommended. In any semester, students may propose an independent study for full course credit.


ANTH 279: Theorizing the Role of Affect in Society and Culture (Greg Urban)
ANTH 309: Anthropology and Psychoanalysis (Urban and Blum)
ANTH 329: Anthropological and Psychoanalytic Perspectives on Childhood (Blum and Shapiro)


ENGL 102/COML 245/GSWS 102: Introduction to Psychoanalysis: History, Theory, and Practice ( Faculty include Adelman, Cavitch, and Rabaté)
ENGL 272/ASAM 202: Race and Psychoanalysis (Eng)
ENGL 290: Queer Attachments (Brilmyer)
ENGL 292/CINE 202: Psychoanalysis, Literature, and Film (Rabaté)
ENGL 369/GSWS 369: Topics Poetry & Poetics: Mourning and Sexuality in English Elegy (Max Cavitch)
ENGL 392/CINE 392: Cinema and Psychoanalysis (Cavitch)
ENGL 395: Psychoanalysis and Autobiography (Max Cavitch and Mark Moore)
ENGL 573/COML 573/PSYS 573 Graduate Seminar: Lives of the Death Drive (Max Cavitch)

German Languages and Literatures:

GRMN 253/COML 253/ENGL 105/GSWS 252/HIST 253: Freud: The Invention of Psychoanalysis (Weissberg)
GRMN 236: Witnessing the Holocaust: Witnessing, Remembering, and Writing the Holocaust (Liliane Weissberg)
GRMN 540/ARTH 560/COML 539/ENGL 588/JWST 540: Memory, Trauma, Culture (Weissberg; open to undergraduates with permission of instructor)
GRMN 526: The Trouble With Freud (Weissberg; open to undergraduates with permission of instructor)
GRMN 376: Decadence (Relevant course, given in German)


HIST 202: Masters of Suspicion: Marx, Nietzsche, and Freud (Breckman)
HIST 202: From Freud to Oprah: The Rise and Fall of Psychoanalysis in Twentieth Century Culture (Breckman)

Liberal and Professional Studies:

Courses to be announced.


PHIL 526/GRMN 527: Philosophy and Psychoanalysis: Freud and the Interpretation of Culture (Steinberg; open to undergraduates with permission of instructor)

School Social Policy and Practice:

SWRK 792: Psychodynamic Theory in Clinical Practice (Abrams; open to undergraduates with permission of instructor)
SWRK 786: Traumatic Exposures (Abrams; open to undergraduates with permission of instructor)


Past Graduates:

Ryan Collins, Wharton, ’22

Eva Schottenstein, ’21

Sheng (Steven) Wang, ’21

Rebecca Pels, ’19

Zeeshan Huque ’18

Stephen Metas ’17

Joyce Wong ’17

Fumei Cerecino ’16