Current Projects

Book Project:

Sarah Bush and Amanda Clayton, Facing Change: Gender and Cross-National Responses to Climate Change. In progress.

Selected Working Papers (please e-mail me for copies):

Sarah Bush and Lauren Prather, “Election Monitor Access and Citizens’ Trust in U.S. Elections.”

Sarah Bush, Christina Cottiero, and Lauren Prather, “After Zombies Attack: How Low-Quality Monitors Affect Credible International Election Observers.”

Sarah Bush and Jennifer Hadden, “Population density discourages foundings of international NGOs, encourages specialization, and diminishes perceived effectiveness.”

Sarah Bush, Jennifer Hadden, and Melissa Pavlik, “How Many International Non-Governmental Organizations Are There? Assessing Missingness and Its Implications in INGO Datasets.”

Sarah Bush and Amanda Clayton, “Helping the Public Face Change: How Compensation Shapes Gender Differences in Support for Climate Action.”