Getting Started for New Lab Members

New Lab Member To Do List:

  • Go to business office (Goddard Laboratories, 2nd floor) with form of official ID and SS card.
  • 24 hours after payroll is set up, go to PennCard in the bookstore. Get your card and apply for PennKey. This will be ready in an additional 24 hours.
  • 24 hours after your PennKey is activated, you may apply for a Penn email address.
  • Contact Lacinda about available desks.
  • If you are purchasing a computer, Adam from Bio Computing is a good person with whom to speak. You will do this through the Computer Connection (in the bookstore). You will need to know what grant to request money from in order for the computer store to make the purchase. Contact Alicia Fenerty to request the money from the grant.
  • Request access to lab wiki, lab intranet, the lab calendars, the laptop calendars, and, if necessary, room request calendar.
  • Request to be added to lab email listservs (announce: meetings, general announcements; members: lab-specific).
  • Request to be added to IRB protocols, as appropriate.
  • CITI training
  • If you would like to get a key for the Goddard testing rooms, ask Lacinda for a form.
    • When you have the form, take it to the Bio Business Office on the first floor of Leidy (when you first go in, turn right down the hallway)
    • They will give you a slip for a key; take it to the loading docks of Lynch Labs (ask the security person for help finding it)
  • For card access to Goddard and Richards, email PennID number to the following people specifying which floors:
    • Richards: Allison Carey,
    • Goddard: Lacinda Benjamin,