I am interested in developing new optical and mechanical instrumentation to increase the Doppler radial velocity measurement precision of future astronomical spectrometers, thereby improving our ability to detect low mass extra-solar planets. These spectrometers include the Extreme Precision Doppler Spectrometer ‘NEID’, the Habitable-zone Planet Finder, the MINERVA-red instrument, and the Keck Planet Finder instrument.

I did my graduate work at the Pennsylvania State University, working with Professor Suvrath Mahadevan to develop new photonic instrumentation to increase the radial velocity measurement precision of near-infrared astronomical spectrometers. These new technologies will be implemented on the Habitable-zone Planet Finder instrument to detect terrestrial-mass planets around M stars.

I received my undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley in Physics and Astronomy, where I worked on the TripleSpec Exoplanet Discovery Instrument with my advisor Jerry Edelstein.