What’s Where and, Well, Why Exactly?

The exactitude of Joyce’s language in the novel is backed up by a clear vision of Dublin and it’s people he has on that particular day in 1904. While I hope to bring some of that accuracy to this project frankly, I could use some help.

Do you have any idea about what the room looks like in Martello tower? What kind of tea service or frying pans the boys might have had? well, I’d be happy for any links.

Same is true of clothing and street scenes in Dublin from this period. One of the hallmarks of making a good period piece in film is authenticity, but in film there’s scores of people doing that research for you. My training is in painting, not costume design, so I’d be happy for any experienced help I can get.

Links are appreciated.

3 thoughts on “What’s Where and, Well, Why Exactly?

  1. I was in the tower last week (1 day post Bloomsday as I spent the high holy day itself wandering the streets of Dublin). I have 1 photo from the living quarters with some furnishings which I presume were based on what would have been there during Joyce’s brief stay. The photo shows a tea set, bottles, a bed, a hammock and some cookware. If you think it useful, happy to send along the image. I really like what you’re doing.

  2. Thanks, Colin, that would be very helpful. I’ve been holding off on the breakfast scene a bit for just that kind of reference material. If you’ve got them up somewhere than a link would be great, and would allow other users of the site to sneak a peek. If not, and they’re digital, drop me a line through the contact portion of the site.

    I should mention to anyone else here that if you wish to send photos instead of links, please contact me first before sending the files through. I appreciate all the help I can get with the research, but we want to be really careful on usage rights and the like (as I’m sure you can understand…)

  3. I will gather together my meager Bloomian photos and post to a Flickr account for all to enjoy. But I have to tell you that my photo is much like the one published in the Irish Times (your link) except theirs is better.

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