Telemachus 0031

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This page made me smile when I first saw it–there’s not much happening, but it gives a  visual dimension to a moment in the novel that I had never really thought about visually, even after reading this chapter many, many  times. Rob’s drawing emphasizes how the scene moves from an a bright exterior to a very  dark and smoky interior, which isn’t as apparent from the text. Those who have visited the James Joyce Museum in Sandycove can attest to the close, dark quarters inside the tower, but Rob’s drawing saves you the flight.  As we move through this scene, you might keep an eye out for the differences in the dialog & the thoughts of the characters when inside the tower as opposed the outside.

The exchange about the key is also revealing–Mulligan tells Haines to open the door, says Stephen has the key, but the key is in the door the whole time.   Why is Haines the one to open the door?