Victoria E. Kirkham

Professor Emerita of Romance Languages
Department of Romance Languages
University of Pennsylvania

Prof. Kirkham’s interests include Italian literature of the Middle Ages, Renaissance, Catholic Reformation, and Seicento, interdisciplinary relations between literary and visual traditions, numerology in literature, women’s writing, cinema. She is the co-author of Diana’s Hunt, Caccia di Diana: Boccaccio’s First Fiction (1991); the author of The Sign of Reason in Boccaccio’s Fiction (1993); and Fabulous Vernacular: Boccaccio’s Filocolo and the Art of Medieval Fiction, which won the Modern Language Association of America’s Scaglione Publication Award for best Manuscript in Italian Literary Studies for 2000. Her most recent book, published by the University of Chicago Press, is Laura Battiferra and Her Literary Circle: An Anthology (2006). She is editor of The Decameron: Second Day in Perspective(forthcoming), and co-editor of Boccaccio 1990: The Poet and his Renaissance Reception (1992); Strong Voices, Weak History: Early Women Writers and Canons in England, France, and Italy (2005); Francesco Petrarca: A Critical Guide to the Complete Works (2009); Boccaccio: A Critical Guide to the Complete Works (2013). A former Fulbright Scholar, she has held fellowships from the Harvard Center for Renaissance Studies in Florence, NEH, the Newberry Library, and the Guggenheim. Twice past president of the American Boccaccio Association, in fall 2009, she held resident fellowships at the Rockefeller Foundation Villa Serbelloni in Bellagio and the Liguria Center for the Arts and Humanities at Bogliasco for her book Creative Partners: The Marriage of Laura Battiferra and Bartolomeo Ammannati. In 2012 she was a Visiting Professor at Villa I Tatti.

Professor Emerita of Romance Languages