Following a talk by Dr. Liling Wan, Ph.D, PhD candidate presented her talk titled “Cell fate Reprogramming in Arabidopsis thaliana via LEAFY pioneering activity” as part of University of Pennsylvania’s Epigenetics Institute  Seminar  Series.  This series provides a platform of communication for labs doing work in epigenetics to promote innovation and collaboration.

Happy New Year from the Wagner Lab

The Wagner Lab draws 2019 to a close with two talks! PhD Candidate Samantha Klasfeld gave a chalk talk for her Genomics and Computational Biology (GCB) graduate group about her thesis project on improving ChIP-Seq resolution. Then first-year rotation student Zi-yan Yu gave it her all in her 3-min talk “In vivo rapid depletion of plant chromatin protein with mammalian degron” at the Biology Department’s Grad Student Extravaganza. Happy New Year everyone and Cheers to 2020!


Exciting Week for the Wagner Lab

Friends and Colleagues come and go, but sometimes they come back for a visit! This week the Wagner lab was thankful to have TWO visitors!

Back for her second Plant Talk,  Dr. Heather Meyer from Carnegie’s department of plant biology gave a very impressive talk about her work titled “Investigating intrinsically disordered proteins as thermo-sensors in Arabidopsis thaliana”.

Additionally, Dr. Nobutoshi Yamaguchi, a former post-doc at the Wagner lab, visited this week to reunite, catch up, and learn more about data analysis.

This week is also flu shot week so some members of the team got their flu shots and had fun celebrating modern medicine.

To capture this moment we accompanied our visitors to West Philadelphia restaurant Abssinia where we dined on delicious plates with the Gallagher lab.


The Wagner Lab wishes Dr. Jianqiang Shen great success as he travels across the country to study cereal crops in the Lemaux Lab  in University of California, Berkeley. We are so honored to have had the privilege of working with him and look forward to keeping in touch.