Mark Bookman (PhD Candidate): Mark received his B.A. in Global Interdisciplinary Studies from Villanova University in 2014 prior to researching Buddhist Philosophy in Japan as a Fulbright Fellow. He earned his M.A. in East Asian Languages and Civilizations from the University of Pennsylvania in 2016, where he now studies the history and politics of disability in Japan as a PhD Candidate. Mark’s dissertation, “Politics, Prosthesis, and the Popular Imagination: 100 Years of Disability in Japan,” explores how ideas about accessibility have galvanized social movements and structured law, policy, fiction, and film in Japan over the last one-hundred years. He’s currently working at the University of Tokyo’s Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology as a Japan Foundation Research Fellow. For more about Mark, please see his website:

Erin Gallagher (MA student): Erin is a second-year MA student at the University of Pennsylvania. As a submatriculant, she completed her first MA year concurrently with her senior undergraduate year. Erin graduated with a double major in International Relations and East Asian Languages and Civilizations (EALC) in 2018, and her MA is in EALC with a concentration in Japanese Studies. Her research focus is on modern Japanese foreign policy, with an International Relations thesis regarding Japan’s relationships with North and South Korea examined through the case study of zainichi Koreans, a minority group of ethnic Koreans in Japan who do not hold Japanese citizenship. She is also interested in gender and sexuality studies in Japan, and has previously studied representations of LGBT issues in Japanese popular media.

John G. Grisafi (Alumni student): John is a recent graduate of MA (2018) and BA (2017) programs at Penn. For his BA, John double-majored in East Asian Languages & Civilizations (EALC) and World History. For his MA, he majored in EALC with a concentration in Korean Studies. His research focuses on the history and politics of religion in Modern Korea, with an MA thesis on the religious policy and strategy of the U.S. military occupation of South Korea in the late 1940s. He plans to pursue a PhD in Korean Studies. Before coming to Penn, John spent ten years in the U.S. Army as a Korean linguist and analyst. He studied the Korean language at the Defense Language Institute and served in Korea. It was his military experience which sparked his interest in Korea and started him on a career path focused on East Asia. John also worked as a writer and analyst for NK News, a website focused on North Korea.

Jason Hagler (PhD student)

Kristina Horn (MA student)

Lillian Lin (MA student)

Ashley Liu (PhD student): Ashley Liu is a Ph.D. student whose research focuses on literary theory, narrative theory, theories of fiction, and the development of fiction in pre-modern China. She also studies pre-modern Chinese and Japanese poetry. She is currently working on a book chapter on factuality in pre-modern China to be published in Handbook of  Narrative Factuality (Walter de Gruyter 2018) alongside leading narratologists. She is the founder of Asia Forum (, an academic forum where users can publish and discuss Asia-related issues.

Dotno D. Pount (PhD student)

Genevieve Tan (PhD student): Genevieve is a Ph.D. student focusing on twentieth-century Japanese history at the University of Pennsylvania. Prior to Penn, she pursued her B.A. in Cultural Studies at Nagoya University, Japan. Her current project examines discourses of Han Chinese-Japanese intermarriage in colonial Taiwan. She is also interested in urban print and material culture, biopolitics, and comparative gender, and has previously worked on the promotion of ryōsai kenbo in colonial Taiwan through women’s magazines.

Yiwen Qiao (MA student)

More member bios coming soon!

GSRC Board

Chair: Kristina Horn
(Acting) Vice Chair: Erin Gallagher
Web Manager: Genevieve Tan
Secretary: Erin Gallagher
Logistics Manager: Vacant
Treasurer: Lillian Lin
Advisor/Former Chair: John G. Grisafi

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