9:00 – 9:30 AM



9:30 – 10:50 AM

Panel 1: Ineffability, Aesthetics, and Religion in the Premodern World

Discussant: Dr. Ori Tavor
Moderator: Doris Yixuan Tang

  • Ming Sun, University of Pennsylvania: “Speaking the Unspeakable: The Ineffability and the Solutions in Zhuangzi and Mādhyamika.”
  • Sophie Xi, University of Pennsylvania: “A Case Study of Fenyang Shengmumiao Mural and its Artistic, Religious, and Ritual Context.”
  • Xiaoyang Ma, University of Pennsylvania: “Rethinking Cartouches, A Study of Visual-Verbal Dynamics of Filial Piety Illustrations in Qu Qing’s Tomb.”
  • Tianqi Zhu, Stanford: “Imagining the Landscape: Constructing Social Space through Poetry, Painting, and Buddhism in the Eight Views of Xiaoxiang.”


10:50-11:10 AM

Coffee Break


11:15 AM-12:20 PM

Panel 2: Identity Formation and Expression of Self

Discussant: Dr. Julie Nelson Davis
Moderator: Nick Purgett

  • Runjie Wang, University of Washington: “Must Tibetan Filmmakers Speak about National Identity? Tibetan New Wave as an Alternative Framework.”
  • Marina Nascimento, University of Pennsylvania: “Embodying Modernity: A Historiography of the ‘New Women’ and the ‘Modern Girls’ in interwar China and Japan.”
  • Shirin Mikiko Sadjadpour, University of Chicago: “Creative Prints and the Making of Modernism(s) in Early-Twentieth Century Germany and Japan.”


12:40-1:35 PM



1:35–1:45 PM



1:45-2:30 PM

Keynote Speech

Dr. Ruodi Duan, Haverford College: “East Asian Studies and the Global South: Reflecting on Afro-Chinese Entanglements of the 20th Century.”


2:40-3:45 PM

Panel 3: From the Margins

Discussant: Dr. Nancy S. Steinhardt
Moderator: Yumi Kodama

  • Chunhao Luo, University of Pennsylvania: “Knowledge and Conceptions of the Yunnan-Tai Frontiers: Changing Perspectives from Mongol-Yuan to Ming.”
  • Bibiana Tsang, University of Pennsylvania: “Ming Dynasty Jiehua: Architectural Elements in Paintings by Wen Zhengming and Qiu Ying.”
  • Lucien Sun, University of Chicago: “A Print in Flux: Rethinking the Print of Guan Yu from Khara-Khoto.”



Panel 4: Discourse on Gender and Identity in Modern and Contemporary East Asia

Discussant: Dr. Vanessa Baker
Moderator: Suyoung Kim

  • Cynthia Chen & Zifan Yang, Stanford: “In the Name of Revenge: Suicidal Women in Contemporary Chinese Romantic Novels.”
  • Inkyeong Chung, University of Pennsylvania: “Non-Human Forms in Contemporary Korean Literature.”
  • Mingkang Hao, Duke University: “Rethinking Female Homosexuality in the Republican China: A Study Based on the Tao-Liu Homicide Case, 1932.”


5:30 PM