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 Welcome to the Electronic Design Shop at the University of Pennsylvania.  This shop is intended to be a resource for researchers with a need of Electronic design services. The Penn EDS (Electronic Design Shop) operates with the intention to serve as a resource, not only for the University of Pennsylvania, but to the research community abroad.  Many labs over the years benefited from the electronic solutions from this shop.

At the Penn EDS we sustain the projects that were delivered over the years and we are ready to help with any future electronic/hardware-Firmware-software projects that can help researchers in the area of Electronic design, embedded systems and even product engineering management. Follow us on Twitter: or send us a Tweet:  

Areas of expertise:

  • Embedded systems (Firmware, Hardware and Software solutions) applied to concrete challenges in the research community.
  • Electronic design services.
  • Troubleshooting and repair of released electronic systems.
  • Sustaining and maintenance engineering for electronic products
  • PLM (Product Life-cycle Management) In the electronic design —  We can also support Product Management from concept to final customer deployment. We have the expertise to make an electronic device a complete consumer product to be built in mass production.
  • Consulting services in the areas of CE/FCC compliance, EMI and ESD for lab products and certain consumer electronics.

Released projects:

Over the years many electronic projects were created in this lab. Here is a brief list of project titles:

  • fMRI Scan Emulator — Brainard labs
  • High Speed Colorimeter — Brainard labs
  • 4-Channel PSIU6 Driver — Dr. Diego Contreras
  • Dual Channel Photo switch w/ Analog output — Dr. Yale E. Cohen
  • 8-Channel Feed Monitor System — Grill labs
  • Subject response time box  — Coslett labs


To support the University of Pennsylvania research community as well as external customers in applying electronic design expertise as well as embedded systems solutions to their research needs.


To become a one stop-solution for embedded systems solutions and electronic design for the research community in the University of Pennsylvania and abroad, delivering solutions with quality at a reasonable cost and competitive with any custom solutions out there.

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