The Baumgart lab has been continuously funded by Federal grants in the PI’s name since 2007, two years after inception of the lab. These grants have funded graduate, undergraduate, and postdoctoral research.

Funding has been obtained through several grants from:

• National Science Foundation, including an NSF CAREER award

• The National Institutes of Health, including R21 and R01 grants

• The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Additional grant funding has been obtained through:

• The NSF Materials Research Science and Engineering Center at Penn

• UPenn’s Physical Sciences and Oncology Center

• A pilot grant from UPenn’s Institute for Advanced Science and Technology

• NIH grant subawards through Yale University, as well as UPenn

• Several University Research Foundation Awards

Funding specifically for undergraduate research has been obtained through:

• The Roy and Diana Vagelos Molecular Life Science program

• The Chemistry Department’s summer research program

• The UPenn PURM program

• UPenn’s grant for faculty mentoring undergraduate research

Graduate students and postdocs in the lab have been successful securing funding through:

• UPenn’s PennPort program (postdoctoral training program)

• The Structural Biology and Molecular Biophysics training grant

• The  Chemistry/Biology Interface training grant