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Laurent Bopp (Université de Versailles)
Ken Buesseler (WHOI)
Curtis Deutsch (UCLA)
Scott Doney (WHOI)
John Dunne (NOAA)
Mick Follows (MIT)
Eric Galbraith (McGill University)
Anand Gnanadesikan (Johns Hopkins University)
Nicky Gruber (ETH in Zurich)
Taka Ito (Georgia Tech)
Marina Levy (Université Pierre et Marie Curie)
Nicole Lovenduski (University of Colorado at Boulder)
Gaylen McKinley (University of Wisconsin)
Keith Moore (University of California at Irvine)
Andreas Oeschlies (IFM GEOMAR)
Jaime Palter (McGill University)
Joellen Russell (University of Arizona)
Jorge Sarmiento (Princeton University)
Andreas Schmittner (Oregon State University)
LuAnne Thompson (University of Washington)