Featured Projects

Economic Development

Satellites and Surveys: Wellbeing and Governance in Indian Slums

Led by PIs Anirudh Krishna and Erik Wibbels, in this project, we iterate between satellite analysis and fieldwork to build an original sample of slums from three Indian cities and draw on this extensive original database to answer multiple questions about the range of policy problems as well as coping mechanisms across urban slums.


Design of Community-Driven Development Project Monitoring Surveys in Central Asia

Led by PIs Erik Wibbels, Heather Huntington, Katie Andrzejewski and David Dow, and for the World Bank, DevLab is currently engaged in the design of community-driven development (CDD) surveys in three Central Asian Countries (Tajkistan [2 projects], Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyz Republic).


Myanmar Business Environment Index 2020: Measuring Economic Governance for Private Sector Development

Led by PIs Edmund Malesky and Dean Dulay and with the Asia Foundation, the Myanmar Business Environment Index is a survey of 5,605 business in Myanmar gathering a multitude of hard data to map a more comprehensive, in-depth picture of the challenges they face and where government can target reforms to improve the business environment.