Jeremy Springman


Jeremy Springman is a Senior Research Associate at DevLab@Penn. He studies political economy in developing countries, with a specific interest in how non-profit organizations shape, and are shaped by, politics and governance. In his research, Jeremy aspires to generate insights that can help donors and civil society strengthen democratic institutions and weaken autocratic rule in developing countries. He completed his PhD in comparative politics and international relations at the University of Pennsylvania in 2019. From 2019 – 2022, he was a Postdoc and then Senior Research Associate at Duke University.

Dario Sidhu


Dario Sidhu is the Director of Research for PDRI, where his work focuses on advancing PDRI’s mission by developing new research projects and partnerships, and supporting PDRI’s outreach, events, and capacity building initiatives.

Prior to joining UPenn, Dario worked across the non-profit and private sectors to advance evidence-based policymaking, including roles with the Behavioral Insights Team (BIT) and Evidence Action.

Hanling Su


Hanling is a Data Scientist at Devlab@Penn. She works mainly on data engineering that focuses on web scraping and data processing. By applying machine learning and natural language processing techniques, Hanling ensures the project’s data integrity. She is also responsible for implementing the data pipeline for Machine Learning for Peace project at DevLab.

Zung-Ru Lin


Zung-Ru is working as a Data Scientist who helps solve technical issues the team encounters and develops systems among multiple Devlab’s projects. His work encompasses optimizing the overall functionality and productivity within the MLP pipeline framework, along with implementation of NLP and various supervised machine learning methods in detecting civic-space changes.