A 1746 German-produced map of the Americas.

Atlantic & Global Connections Resource Guide

A 1746 German-produced map of the Americas.
Figure 1. Johann Baptist Homann, Americae, 1746. From the David Rumsey Map Collection. https://www.davidrumsey.com/luna/servlet/detail/RUMSEY~8~1~290993~90067316#.

Early Americans were intrinsically linked to global networks of commerce, information exchange, and migration that extended around the Atlantic world–including Europe, Africa, the Caribbean, and Central and South America–and to the Pacific Rim and Asia. Events or circumstances in one location, or on one continent, shaped and were shaped by those in others. The articles in this resource guide were chosen for keywords related to transatlantic cultures, and African and Asian societies. They remind us that early Americans were part of a larger, Atlantic and global mosaic.

Title Author (Last, First) Vol/Iss – Season, Year
Pirated Tars, Piratical Texts: Barbary Captivity and American Sea Narratives Blum, Hester 1/2 – Fall, 2003
“Insults Unpunished”: Barbary Captives, American Slaves, and the Negotiation of Liberty Rojas, Martha Elena 1/2 – Fall, 2003
Late Seventeenth-Century Spanish Town, Jamaica: Building an English City on Spanish Foundations Robertson, James 6/2 – Fall, 2008
The Antinomian Controversy Did Not Take Place Beecher Field, Jonathan 6/2 – Fall, 2008
The Subject of the Slave Trade: Recent Currents in the Histories of the Atlantic, Great Britain, and Western Africa Wood Sweet, John 7/1 – Spring, 2009
“Jacobins in this Country”: The United States, Great Britain, and Trans-Atlantic Anti-Jacobinism Hope Cleves, Rachel 8/2 – Spring, 2010
Glimpses of Other before Orientalism: The Muslim World in Early American Periodicals, 1785-1800 Battistini, Robert 8/2 – Spring, 2010
Companions in Preaching and Suffering: Itinerant Female Quakers in the Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic World Herbert, Amanda E. 9/1 – Winter, 2011
A Revolutionary Dinner: U.S. Diplomacy toward Saint Domingue, 1798-1801 Johnson, Ronald Angelo 9/1 – Winter, 2011
“They Have Invaded the Whole River”: Boundary Negotiations in Anglo-Dutch Colonial Discourse Klein, Sabine 9/2 – Spring, 2011
Anglo-Dutch Connections and Overseas Enterprises: A Global Perspective on Lion Gardiner’s World Games, Alison 9/2 – Spring, 2011
“That Abominable Nest of Pirates”: St. Eustatius and the North Americans, 1680-1780 Enthoven, Victor 10/2 – Spring, 2012
Dutch-Irish Cooperation in the Mid-Eighteenth-Century Wartime Atlantic Truxes, Thomas M. 10/2 – Spring, 2012
No Extended Sphere: The Batavian Understanding of the American Constitution and the Problem of Faction Oddens, Joris 10/2 – Spring, 2012
“While Pen, Ink & Paper Can Be Had”: Reading and Writing in a Time of Revolution Kelley, Mary 10/3 – Fall, 2012
Charles Lenox Sargent’s “Life of Alexander Smith”: Imagining Indian Removal in the South Pacific Argondezzi, Talia 12/2 – Spring, 2014
Trans-Atlantic Anti-Jacobinism: Reaction and Religion Den Hartog, Jonathan 11/1 – Winter, 2013
Trans-Atlantic Migration and the Printing Trade in Revolutionary America Adelman, Joseph M. 11/3 – Fall, 2013
“The Provincials will work like Giants”: British Imperialism, American Colonial Troops, and Trans-Atlantic Labor Economics during the Seven Years’ War Agostini, Thomas 15/1 – Winter, 2017
Flaunting It: How the Galleon Trade Made Manila, circa 1571-1800 Reyes, Raquel A.G. 15/4 – Fall, 2017
Imperial Projecting in Virginia and Venezuela: Copper, Colonialism, and the Printing of Possibility Bigelow, Allison Margaret 16/1 – Winter, 2018
“Women of Our Nation”: Gender and Christian Indian Communities in the United States and Mexico, 1753-1837 Criales, Jessica 17/4 – Fall, 2019
Mounting the Poyto: An Image of Afro-Catholic Submission in the Mystical Visions of Colonial Peru’s Úrsula de Jesús Spaulding, Rachel 17/4 – Fall, 2019
Conquest for Commerce: American Policymakers, Bermuda, and the War for Independence, 1775-83 DiPucchio, Nicholas G. 18/1 – Winter, 2020
The International Life of a Russian Colonial Document: The Russian-American Company, the Kashaya Pomos, the Bodega Miwoks, and the 1817 Métini Protocol Glover, Jeffrey 18/2 – Spring, 2020
English Designs on Central America: Geographic Knowledge and Imaginative Geographies in the Seventeenth Century Offen, Karl 18/4 – Fall, 2020
Louisiana Bohemians: Community, Race, and Empire Ostendorf, Ann 19/4 – Fall, 2021