Angela Gibney

Presidential Professor of Mathematics

Angela Gibney is the Presidential Professor of Mathematics. Gibney is an algebraic geometer who has obtained deep results about moduli spaces of complex curves and more recently on vertex operator algebras—core topics that arise in algebraic geometry, algebraic topology, and mathematical physics. In the past two years she has made breakthroughs on constructing two-dimensional topological and conformal quantum field theories, proving a series of longstanding conjectures having applications to enumerative geometry of moduli spaces. Her multiple grants include individual NSF research grants, and her work has appeared in high-level journals including Advances in Math, IMRN, Algebraic Geometry, Algebra and Number Theory, and Journal of the AMS. Gibney has been very involved in outreach activities to promote mathematics education at all levels, and to “widen the pipeline” to include women and others who are currently underrepresented in mathematics.