We are delighted to announce a special collaboration with the YouTube channel of Prof. Pierre Portal (Australian National University). Prof. Portal has a collection of short talks available on his channel which he has generously agreed to share with the audience of Director’s Cuts. Feel free to click here to check them out!

Moreover, Prof. Portal will be hosting a Zoom discussion on two of the talks on our platform:

  1. Rough Calderon-Zygmund and Littlewood-Paley theories (survey talk)
  2. Fixed time L^p bounds for some wave equations with Lipschitz coefficients

The discussion will be held on Thursday, November 18, 4pm-5pm US Eastern Standard Time (Friday, November 19, 8am-9am Canberra Time). The discussion will be quite casual. Anyone who wants to chat about the talks or ask questions is welcome to join. Zoom Meeting ID: 812 955 1821 (Join Zoom Meeting

We hope you will enjoy the special event and thank you for supporting HAPPY and Director’s Cuts!