Director’s Cuts is excited to welcome Prof. Alex Iosevich (University of Rochester), who gives a self contained talk on tiling, bases, and elementary combinatorics. The talk is supposed to be friendly to general audience in analysis. Here is an abstract:

We are going to prove a result due to Iosevich, Mayeli, and Pakianathan which says that a subset of {\Bbb Z}_p^2p prime, has an orthogonal basis of characters if and only if this subset tiles {\Bbb Z}_p^2 by translation. The proof involves simple analytic, combinatorial, and number theoretic ideas that work together in somewhat unusual ways.

As usual, Prof. Iosevich will also host a follow up office hour, scheduled on Wednesday, November 30 at 3:05pm US Eastern Time. Interested viewers are welcome to join us at the Zoom link:

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Meeting ID: 970 1322 8015

Anyone is welcome to join!