About Me

  • My name in Chinese characters is 魏晉, which refers to the historical period between Han and Sui dynasties.
  • I love travels, adventures, video games, learning new languages, ancient history, and classics.
  • My favorite historical figure is Maximilian I of the HRE and I made myself a Latin name inspired by him: Marcus Cornelius Maximilius.
  • I am a self-proclaimed Kantian, under the influence of Professor Emeritus Ermanno Bencivenga.
  • I have been to Mount Athos and stayed at Megisti Lavra monastery.
  • I watched SNL live on April 15th 2023, with Ana de Armas as the host. Unexpectedly, it becomes the last show of Season 48 due to the Writers Guild strike.
  • My cats’ names are Catul and Coconut. Catul is an abbreviation for Catulus in Latin, meaning puppy, and also a pun to refer to my favorite poet Catullus. Coconut is an abbreviation for a made-up word λευκογνάθε, meaning white-jawed, as she has a sister with black jaw.
  • I got “featured” in New York Times.
  • I am currently learning Italian.