Post-doc Positions – University of Lyons

This announcement comes from Pascal Boyer. If you have announcements for position in evolutionary psychology or related fields, please feel free to pass them along to me for posting. – RK 

Announcing two post-doctoral positions in evolutionary psychology or social psychology or cognitive anthropology.

Two post-doctoral positions at the University of Lyons, France, starting September 2013. Each position is for two years. This is to work on a project directed by Pascal Boyer on “Evolutionary and cognitive background to threat-detection and safety in modern environments”. You can find more details on the project by perusing a summary of the grant proposal.

Candidates should have pursued research in evolutionary, cognitive or social psychology, or cognitive anthropology, with a focus on one of the following domains: [a] inter-group and coalitional relations or [b] threat-detection and safety. Knowledge of French is not required.

For further information, write to pboyer [at]

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