Final Publications


Hansen presented the results of his in preliminary reports and one unpublished doctoral dissertation. When Hansen died in 2007, Dr. Pittman inherited the archive and proceeded to digitize all of the records and systematically study and publish the results of his work. Graduate students participated in this process and the final publication project is now in the last stages of completion. The results will be presented in three volumes of the Aratta series published by Brepols.


Office storage of the Tell Al-Hiba archive at the Penn Museum.

Front page of data core for artifact storage.


The first volume to appear, in October 2021, is the study of the pottery from the Hansen excavations undertaken by Dr. Steve Renette. This new analysis provides an analysis that takes into account more than 80,000 sherds recorded in archaeological context from the Fourth and Third Millennia BCE.


Dr. Darren Ashby completed his dissertation on the temples of Area A and B in 2017, and he is preparing this study for publication. Two further volumes of architecture and archaeology of Areas G and C are near completion. Work on those has been undertaken by Prof. Pittman together with Drs. Ashby, Renette and Giacomo Benati. Marc Marin Webb has contributed the analysis of the architecture of Area C and Area G. Bringing the publication of these legacy excavations to a close provided the impetus to begin a second campaign with new research goals building on past results.


Preliminary Publications

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