Jolchhobi, or Transfer Pictures

Opaque, murky and shadowy are some of the metaphors one frequently has to invoke to describe the bygone era of gaslights. Yet, some of that past was also lucid and transparent. At least at first glimpse. Nothing exemplified that transparency and lucidity of the past than the diaphanous little images dubbed “transfer pictures” by the … [Read more…]

Jessie’s Dream

On December 10th 1857 a curious report appeared in the¬†Jersey Times.¬†The report pertained to the events in far away Lucknow, India. The report told of a highland lass, Jessie Brown. The fiancee or wife of a subaltern, she had indefatigably cared for and cheered the beleaguered British contingent in Lucknow throughout the tortuous summer. Her … [Read more…]