I count myself lucky to have had the opportunity to study with great teachers of poetry, including Al Filreis, who is famous for his Modern & Contemporary American Poetry MOOC and his seminars, and Charles Bernstein, whose courses and wreading experiments I model my own after. Below are some of the courses I am teaching, have taught, and TA’d for.

My approach to teaching is to focus on the hands-on use of audio materials (including recording podcasts, remixing/deforming/collaging/montaging recordings).

Spring 2022

Poetry, Music, and the Sounds of the Twentieth Century

Fall 2021

ENGL210 – Podcasting

Spring 2021

ENGL088 – Modern American Poetry

Fall 2019

ENGL200 – Poetry Audio Lab: Modern Poetry & Sound Studies

Fall 2018

ENGL200 – Poetry Audio Lab: Modern Poetry & Sound Studies

Spring 2018

TA – ENGL288 – Postwar American Poetry (Bernstein)

Spring 2017

TA – ENGL062 – Twentieth-Century Poetry from Outside the U.S.  (Bernstein)

Fall 2016

TA – ENGL103 – Comics & Graphic Novels (Cloutier)

TA – Modern & Contemporary American Poetry MOOC (Filreis)


ENGL090 – Privacy in a Networked World, Critical Writing Seminar

Machine-Aided Close Listening

Check out the prototypes of these tools for Machine-Aided Close Listening, a reading-listening methodology that seeks to align the visual forms of poems with their sonic forms. Article on this topic forthcoming in Digital Humanities Quarterly. These tools were developed with Reuben Wetherbee and my research assitant Zoe Stoller.

* Robert Creeley's "I Know a Man"
* Robert Frost's "Mending Wall"
* Comparative tool for William Carlos Williams' "To Elsie"