Postdoctoral positions

January 2020 – present

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA, USA

Research: Learning in physical systems, Reinforcement learning

Advisors: Andrea Liu, Vijay Balasubramanian


September 2014 – December 2019

The University of Chicago, Chicago, IL, USA

Thesis title: Design and learning in mechanical systems

Advisor: Arvind Murugan


September 2008 – December 2012

Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Master of Science (M.Sc.), Physics, Summa cum laude

Thesis title: Isobaric simulation of a supercooled lattice fluid

  Advisor: Eli Eisenberg


September 2003 – July 2006

Tel-Aviv University, Tel-Aviv, Israel

Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Physics, Magna cum laude



January 2007 – August 2014

Research Scientist

Soreq NRC, Yavne, Israel

Research: Atmospheric modeling, Fluid dynamics


2023 – Present

Entropy – Topical advisory board

Leading special issue on physical learning


  • 2023 Herbert B. Callen Memorial Prize – “for ground-breaking work on the theory of learning by mechanical systems” (University of Pennsylvania, Department of Physics and Astronomy)
  • 2020 Student Speaker Award (American Physical Society, GSNP)
  • 2018 Bloomenthal Fellowship – “for best graduate student in theoretical physics” (University of Chicago, Physics department)