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Family Weekend 2020!

I’m excited to have participated as a commenter in the Student Research Expo during Family Weekend! Thank you, William Daniels, for your interesting work on Project Exile, and more generally a piece on the history of the relationship between the federal government and policing!   You can see the entire research expo here(!):

Former Student: Letters in Limbo

One of my all-time-fave alums, Isabella Cuan, reached out to let me know about a project she’s started (with a team!) called Letters in Limbo. I haven’t written anything yet, but it seems like a really cool project! If you’re interested in submitting a letter, head to the link: ABOUT As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, we’ve decided to launch “Letters…

SPICE Vol XIV, Issue 1

Very excited to have our first issue of SPICE in 2019 printed in the PPE office and available online. Shout out to Carson Marr, Allen Zhu, Katherine Poole, David Herrera, and Samantha Mashaal for their contributions! Special thanks to Chloe Wilson, Patrick Law, Jay Choi, Annika Iyer, and Julia Hansen for their strong work putting together and editing the issue!

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