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Beyond tutoring, PRI tutors often elect to spend time bonding through optional cohort dinners and activities, which add to their overall PRI experience. PRI also provides tutors professional development in several areas, including: teaching, tutoring, organizational leadership, etc. Through these opportunities, students support community development at Penn and in West Philadelphia. The weekly time commitment for PRI is one or two hours of tutoring, 30 minutes for transportation to and from school, and one hour for Sunday biweekly meetings. Additionally, tutors who have been granted work-study awards from the university may be hired by the Netter Center for these hours.

Tutoring is also available outside of the classroom to work-study students and anyone who wants to volunteer. Anyone can become a tutor, and after a brief training session, you will have the knowledge to utilize The Reading Road effectively to the benefit of your reader. Attendance at our bi-weekly meetings is a must, so that ideas can be exchanged between you and other tutors to better understand the needs of the students.


The Reading Road has been provided on this website for those who want to take the joy of reading outside of the Penn-West Philadelphia community.