The program is designed to work with tutees consistently over multiple semesters to increase their skill levels and confidence. Following each tutoring session, tutors write session reports about their experiences, tutees’ growth, and questions or concerns in a tutor log, which is sent to the PRI executive board.


The PRI cohort of tutors, executive board members, and undergraduate/graduate student coordinators meet every other Sunday evening for one hour throughout the academic year to discuss tutoring experiences, support each other with successful tutoring strategies, and receive professional development from Dr. William Labov, guest speakers from the Graduate School of Education, and School District of Philadelphia leaders in literacy. Attendance at bi-weekly meetings is a requirement, so that ideas can be exchanged, questions can be answered, and tutors can work alongside other veteran educators and literacy leaders to better understand and support the needs of students.


Tutors have the option to use the Netter Center van as direct transportation to the school; however, students are encouraged to use public transportation (tokens are provided) to gain a better understanding of their tutees’ neighborhoods.


Tutee progress is logged quantitatively and qualitatively so that families, schools, teachers, and the Netter Center can, together, determine the overall effectiveness of the program and build on the improvement of mentorship and literacy tutoring growth.