Engaging Undergraduates in Learning and Research

Hundreds of Penn undergraduates visit the Perelman Center each day as they take courses in economics and political science—two of the university’s most popular majors. The new Center provides state-of-the-art space for teaching and learning—allowing students to pursue original research, draw on sophisticated computing resources, and develop strong mentoring relationships with faculty. A dedicated “undergraduate central” area provides a place for independent and group study, advising, and meetings and events for more than a dozen student groups in Political Science and Economics.

Innovative undergraduate initiatives like the Penn Program for Opinion Research and Election Studies (PORES) will be leveraged by the Perelman Center’s resources. Access to the building’s state-of-the-art technology spaces and meeting facilities, combined with proximity to faculty mentors like John Lapinski, founding director of PORES and NBC’s elections unit director, will provide Penn undergraduates with unparalleled opportunities to combine learning with research and engagement