“Philadelphia and Meiji Japan”
University of Pennsylvania, Sept. 20 – 22, 2018


Thursday, Sept. 20

5 pm                            Keynote Address (Meyerson Hall Lower Gallery)

                                                “Philadelphia, America, and ‘the West’ in Meiji Japan
                                                       Jordan Sand (Georgetown University)

6:30 – 8:30 pm              Reception (Kroiz Gallery)


Friday, Sept. 21 (Kislak Center for Special Collections)

8:45 – 9:15 am                Registration

9:15 – 9:30 am                Welcome and Opening Remarks

Julie Davis, Professor of Art History and Director, Penn Forum on Japan
Steven Fluharty, Dean, School of Arts and Sciences
Moriyasu Ito, Chief of International Affairs Division, Meiji Jingu Intercultural Research Institute

9:30 – 11 am              Panel 1 Japan in Philadelphia and Chicago

                                                Moderator: Linda Chance (University of Pennsylvania)

Presenting a ‘Quintessential’ Japanese Product: Green Tea at the Philadelphia (1876) and Chicago
(1893) World Exhibitions”
       Robert Hellyer (Wake Forest University)
Japanese Archaeological Artifact Paintings at the 1893 World Columbian Exposition: Historic and
Artistic Significance”
        Maho Suzuki (Musashino Art University)
America’s Japan in the Age of Industrial Modernity
       Naoko Shibusawa (Brown University)

11 – 11:30 am                 Japan in Philadelphia and Chicago Viewing (Lea Library)

11:30 – 1 pm              Panel 2 Meiji Japan at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

                                                Moderator: Julie Davis (University of Pennsylvania)

Philadelphia Collects Meiji
      Felice Fischer (Philadelphia Museum of Art)
What is a Painting?: The Art of Two Meiji Eras
      Chelsea Foxwell (University of Chicago)
Rethinking the Interplay of Motif and Design: Meiji Ceramics for International Reception
      Sonia Coman (Freer Gallery of Art/Smithsonian Institution)                                                                            

1 – 2 pm                          Lunch break

2 – 3 pm                     Panel 3 Meiji Gives to Penn: Japanese Artifacts in the Penn Museum

                                                Moderator: Yoko Nishimura (Gettysburg College)

The World’s Columbian Exposition and Penn: On the Trail of Archaeological Objects
      Yoko Nishimura (Gettysburg College)
Jōmon Pottery at the World’s Columbian Exposition
      Boxi Liu (Penn EALC)
Lithic Tools at the World’s Columbian Exposition
      Yuyang Wang (Penn EALC)

3:30 – 4:30 pm            Meiji Gives to Penn Viewing (Penn Museum)

5 – 7 pm                         Meiji Japan at the PMA Viewing (Philadelphia Museum of Art)


Saturday, Sept. 22 (Kislak Center for Special Collections)

9:30 – 11 am             Panel 4 Architecture Between Tradition and Abstraction: Meiji and Beyond

                                                Moderator: Ariel Genadt (University of Pennsylvania)

Genesis of Architecture in Meiji
      Hajime Yatsuka (Shibaura Institute of Technology)
Archetypes, Hybrids, and Novelties: Exhibition Architecture in the Meiji Period
      Alice Y. Tseng (Boston University)
Josiah Conder’s Detached Engagement with Japanese Culture
      Jonathan Reynolds (Barnard College and Columbia University)

11 – 11:30 am             Critical Abstractions: Modern Architecture in Japan, 1868-2018 Viewing (Kroiz Gallery)

11:30 – 12:30 pm      Lunch (Kroiz Gallery)

“Fuzanbo Publishing Since 1886”
      Kikuko Sakamoto (Fuzanbo International)

12:30 – 1:45 pm      Panel 5 Women Bridging Philadelphia and Meiji

                                                Moderator: Ayako Kano (University of Pennsylvania)

The Quakers and Japanese Women of Meiji
      Tetsuko Toda (Josai International University)
Tsuda Umeko and Her Philadelphia Friends: Pioneering Education for Japanese Women
      Masako Iino (President Emerita, Tsuda University)     

1:45 – 3 pm               Panel 6 Diplomats Bridging Philadelphia and Meiji

                                                Moderator:  Frederick Dickinson (University of Pennsylvania)

 Robert W. Irwin: Between Philadelphia and Meiji
      Masako Hamada (Villanova University)
The International Nationalist: Nitobe Inazō’s Lifelong Quest to ‘Bridge the Pacific‘”
      Alex Bennett (Kansai University)     

       4:00 – 4:30 pm             Japanese Court Music Viewing (Shofuso)

Meiji Jingu Gagaku EnsembleMoriyasu Ito, Atsuki Katayama, Takanaga Tsutsumi

       4:30 – 5:30 pm              Kendo Viewing (Shofuso)

Alex Bennett, 7-dan
Hiroshi Tomita
, 7-dan

        5:30 – 6:30 pm             Final Reception (Shofuso)


Please register if you plan to attend the symposium.

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