The graduate student pizza seminar is a place for UPenn math graduate students to come together, socialize, and share a little bit of math. At noon on every Friday of the semester, we meet for pizza, drinks and a talk given by a graduate student on a math topic of their choice. Faculty and industry speakers are also sometimes invited, and we occasionally meet for other social activities like trivia. If you would like to give a talk or be added to the mailing list for the pizza seminar, please contact the current organizers.


Current Organizers

Maxine Calle (email: callem “at” upenn “dot” sas “dot” edu)

Krishan Canzius (email: kcanzius “at” upenn “dot” sas “dot” edu)


Past Organizers

2020-2021: Julian Gould and Hunter Stufflebeam

2019-2020: Thomas Brazelton and Marielle Ong

2018-2019: Alon Benhaim and Jongwon Kim 

2017-2018: Adam Clearwater and George Wang

2016-2017: Sam Carp and Dominick Villano


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