Penn Arts & Sciences

Professional Women’s Alliance


The Penn Arts & Sciences Professional Women’s Alliance (PWA) connects professionally active Penn Arts & Sciences women, united by their deep appreciation and understanding of the value of a liberal arts education in the workplace, with students and young alumnae of the College, through professional development and career networking opportunities for all Penn Arts & Sciences alumnae. PWA is an inclusive and trans-affirming organization. We embrace the identities and histories of all our members and of those who attend our events.

Programming for Young Alumnae

PWA hosts a variety of professional development events in New York City and online. All in-person events have a career networking component, often a starting point for building mentoring relationships that last long beyond the events.

Programming for Students

On campus and virtually, PWA hosts Career Roundtables events, which provide students with an opportunity to learn about the variety of career paths possible with a liberal arts degree and to network with Penn Arts & Sciences alumnae. Other programs include the College Alumni Mentoring Series (CAMS), Career Conversations, and BenConnect.

“Our paths vary, but what we share is this deep appreciation and understanding of the value of a liberal arts education as it relates to the workplace and a commitment to being a resource, sharing advice, and creating professional development and networking opportunities for students and young alumnae of the College.”

Jamie Handwerker, C’83, PAR’19,

a partner at KSH Capital, a real estate private equity firm, has chaired PWA since its launch.

Join the PWA

Are you a professionally accomplished woman who values how your liberal arts education has helped you in the workplace? Do you want to share what you’ve learned with young College alumnae and students? Join this diverse and growing group to network and advise the next generations of College women as they begin their own careers. Become a member of the PWA.

Get Connected

PWA members make themselves available to provide career advice, informational interviews, mock interviews and review resumes to students in the College.

“I wonder if I’d had the opportunity to meet high-powered women in careers that were not on my radar, if I may have explored other paths, taken some different risks. In the end, I might have ended up taking the same path, but for some of my classmates it might have opened up a world of new career possibilities.”

Farah Jimenez, C’90, L’96

President & CEO, Philadelphia Education Fund

“We see the PWA members as role models – not only are they successful professionally, but they genuinely care and want to help. It’s really admirable what they’re doing and I hope that in the future I can play a similar role.”

Evangeline Giannopoulos, C’18


“Since graduation, PWA has become an invaluable resource, helping me to connect with other professional women in NYC. The events and connections have helped me think critically about how to navigate my early career and realize the range of career paths a liberal education makes possible.”

Liza Johnson, C'15

Senior Consultant, Kantar Consulting

How has PWA had an impact on your career?